Dory Leviashvili


Hometown: Jericho, NY

College: Boston University (Bachelor’s) and Hunter College (Master’s)
During the work week you can find me…at At work, graduate school, out with friends or on the couch with my puppy.
Why did you get involved with Tribe? I used to work for one of the birthright providers and my primary focus was to connect alumni to local Jewish opportunities. Since, I’ve been eager to help young Jewish professionals find their personal journeys in the Jewish world. What does this mean? Helping connect and inspire millennials through Shabbat services and dinners, holidays, and ways to practice Judaism every day. Many people would think that this mean studying Torah and keeping kosher. Although this is true, this is not the only way to live a Jewish life. I value the opportunities that Tribe provides through volunteering, Jewish-based trips, and the personal touch to traditional means of practicing. I want to get involved to help grow and strengthen the impact that Tribe has been making for years.
I couldn’t live without… in NYC Sushi!